Mad Max, Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly

Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron look pretty badass in the upcoming flick Mad Max: Fury Road!

Entertainment Weekly's latest covering is giving fans a first look at the actors from their upcoming action film.

In the cover shot, Hardy looks roughed-up with blood on his face as he stares fiercely into the distance. The 36-year-old actor is outfitted with lots of military gear while holding a gun. As for Theron, the 38-year-old Oscar winner sports a shaved head and a bionic, mechanical left arm.

Pretty impressive!

The upcoming Fury Road film is a reboot of the original 1979 Mad Max movie starring Mel Gibson as the titular main character. In the remake, Hardy takes over the role of Max Rockatansky while Theron plays a commander named Imperator Furiosa.

The actors spent seven months in the desert in Namibia shooting the film. "It was mental in a brilliant way," Hardy told EW of filming. "You have no concrete, no coffee shops. We were in the middle of a sandpit."

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