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    Tara Reid Shares Bikini Photos After Jason Biggs Mocked Her Body: See the Pics!

    Tara Reid, Instagram Instagram


    Two weeks after Tara Reid's American Pie costar Jason Biggs made some not-so-nice comments about her body, the 38-year-old actress has taken to Instagram to share some bikini pics of her hot bod.

    Reid shared two revealing swimsuit shots the other day, writing, "Beach day Australia." In one pic, Reid models a skimpy floral print bikini while lying on the sand by the ocean. The Sharknado star's body looks super-svelte and her tummy super-flat as she flashes a smile to the camera.

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    Tara Reid, Instagram Instagram

    Reid shared a second photo with a bikini-clad girlfriend, writing, "Beach day with friends!"

    Reid's bikini shots comes after Biggs made an appearance on Joan Rivers' show In Bed With Joan and criticized Reid's body. "Tara's body—I don't know what's going on with it. I don't think she ever knows what's going on with it," he said.

    The controversial actor later apologized via Twitter, writing, "The same tabloids that make a spectacle out of @TaraReid 's body- insulting her without hesitation- are now trying to make a ‘story' out of my comment made on a COMEDY show about how no one knows what's going on with her body. @TaraReid - I am sorry if that hurt you. But please do not ignore the irony and hypocrisy that is behind these 'news' sources trying to create a feud for the sole benefit of of their rag publications. Sorry again if I offended you. I look forward to my 'diss' disappearing, along with this made-up fight."

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