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    President Barack Obama's Face Mistakenly Placed on World Cup Mug—Check It Out!

    Obama Mug Mistake REX USA/Rex

    Talk about a massive mug mix-up (pun intended).

    While President Barack Obama may have World Cup fever, he has not joined the U.K. team, despite the fact that his face appears on a commemorative mug for the English soccer squad.

    So what happened?!

    Turns out, the souvenirs were made by a "reputable and highly recommended" company in Dorset, this according to Wholesale Clearance U.K., which purchased the mugs after the manufacturing mix-up. However, due to the work of a young "apprentice," who was given the task of sourcing the images via a simple Google search, the illustration of President Obama's face appeared on the cup in place of Chris Smalling's.

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    Obama Mug Mistake REX USA/Rex

    "They passed this onto to their young, bright eyed and bushy tailed new apprentice," managing director of Wholesale Clearance Karl Baxter said. "The designs were proofed and signed off by the Boss, who had clearly had a heavy night with the lads playing poker and before he'd had his first vat of coffee the following morning."

    Unfortunately, the snafu went undiscovered until 2,000 mugs were produced, but luckily, the silly Obama mugs still seem to hold some value.

    In fact, Andy White of Wholesale Clearance U.K. told BBC News that there are "not many left" with 500 being sold to U.S. buyers, and eBay users are currently bidding as much as $255 to snatch up one of the highly coveted mugs.

    Get 'em while they're hot, folks! And thank Google Images for grouping Obama and Smalling together.

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