Patrick Harbron/FX

Well that was an interesting hour of TV.

Tonight, FX premiered its newest drama, developed by Homeland's Howard Gordon, about an LA pediatrician named Bassan "Barry" Al Fayeed, who happens to be the son of the brutal dictator of a fictitious Middle Eastern country. He and his family travel home for a relative's wedding, and end up also being present for the dictator's death, leaving his equally brutal brother in charge of the country.

However, his brother ends up in his crashed sports car at the bottom of a mountain thanks to his own complete assholery, so Barry and his family are stopped before their plane home can manage to get off the ground. 

The show has already been criticized for its use of stereotypes of the Middle East and scenes of rape and unnecessary violence, and we have to say that it's hard to disagree. We'll have to see how the show continues, but tonight's pilot was rather hard to watch at times.

What did you think? Will you continue to watch, or were you a little turned off? Sound off in the comments!

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