World Cup Hairstyles

Getty Images

Never watched soccer in your life? Not a problem. Because you don't need to be a fanatic to discern the good, the bad and the wowza! haircuts that have made their way to Rio for the 2014 World Cup.

Ever since the birth of the dreaded playoff beard, athletes have conjured up some pretty bizarre hairstyles in the name of their sport.

We're not sure if said hair choices are purely for good luck or just to distract the other team. But either way, there are some crimes that should never be committed against hair: like a platinum blond mohawk, for instance. 

On the flip side, there are those soccer studs who've taken a cue from the David Beckham playbook. Instead of out-there dye-jobs and inexplicable cuts, these soccer hunks have gone the sleek and sexy hair route.

Eager to see if your favorite soccer stud made the cut? Click through the photos below!

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