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This Woman Spent Her College Loan Money on Plastic Surgery to Further Her Modeling Career

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We're just going to file this story under: "That's not how that's supposed to work."

Katerina Christodoulou, a 21-year-old recent graduate of the University of Essex in the U.K., aspires to be a model. But she felt she needed to get a little work done before really throwing herself into her career. So instead of forking over the money herself, she took out federal student loans and used that to fund her plastic surgery.

Katerina, who majored in English Literature, took out over $17,000 (£10,000) to pay for liposuction on her thighs, hips and—everyone's favorite problem area, knees.

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You're probably asking, "But the boobs! What of the boobs?!" Don't worry; she says an ex-boyfriend chipped in to pay for a breast augmentation. What a standup guy.

Instead of using the student loans to pay for her education, her parents footed the bill for her school. She was then able to use the federally borrowed money for her cosmetic procedures.

"I know some people might be surprised to hear that I spent my student loan on my body, but it was worth it for how I feel now," she told The Mirror. "My parents gave me their blessing and were really supportive. I did think about using the money to put a deposit down on a house but then I thought why not use the money to make myself happy now."

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Under the British education system, Katerina has 25 years to pay the government back for the loan. And if she doesn't, it's up to taxpayers to cover her debt.

Katerina has since quit her job as a trainee solicitor to pursue her modeling career, and she also plans to get a nose job in the near future.

So the next course of action you'll want to take is covering your entire face with your hand and then shaking your head back and forth slowly. That's the only reaction we had while reading Katerina's story.

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