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    Starbucks Is Raising Its Prices—Find Out Which Drinks Will Now Cost You a Bit More

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    Starbucks Cup
    Starbucks Cup AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

    When it comes to getting your caffeine fix on the daily, what is your budget limit? Five bucks? Six? You'd better figure it out real soon because you probably have a decision to make real soon about your coffee habits. Figure it out!

    Starting next week, Starbucks will be raising its prices on some of its drinks and the packaged coffee that is sold in grocery stores. Customers could be paying as much as 20 cents more for products ordered at the counter and as much as a dollar more for the store-bought bags. 

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    The bad news: Grande and Venti-sized drinks will be hit with the increase (10 to 15 cents more, depending on the area) and lattes and mochas are also affected (15 to 20 cents more).

    The good news: Tall-sized drinks and Frappuccinos will be left alone, as will the price of food. Most importantly, iced coffees will stay the same cost, which is a miracle in itself as the summer months are the last time we want to drink a steaming hot cup 'o joe.

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    This past March, after droughts in Brazil made coffee prices increase exponentially, CEO Howard Schultz said in an interview that Starbucks did not plan on raising its prices.

    "We can manage this. We have over a year's worth of protection," Schultz said. "I suspect that most of our competitors are short, and we are in a much better position than they are."

    Well, we all know what to say to that:

    Elf Lies GIF

    Of course, if you're already paying upwards of five bucks for your morning fix, are you really above throwing in 20 cents more? 

    (H/T Gothamist)

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