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He may not do diaper duty, but Simon Cowell definitely loves bath time with his 4-month-old son Eric!

The former American Idol judge took to Twitter today to share an adorable pic of his baby boy taking a bath in a shallow tub of water.

In the family photo, little Eric lies on his back in a little bath cradle while covered in a teal cloth. Eric looks up at his dad's face as Cowell bends over to tend to his bundle of joy. Cowell simply captioned the pic, "Bath Time!"

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While Cowell looks adorable bathing Eric, don't expect any Twitpics of him changing diapers. Before Eric's birth, Cowell insisted, "I'm not doing that, 100 percent absolutely not going near that."

Meanwhile, in his most recent interview, Cowell admitted that he'd totally be OK with his son having a career in the music industry. "If Eric wants to try out being a singer, I would be OK with that," he told The Sun. "I certainly wouldn't stop him."

"But," he continued, "I'll tell him straight if he can't do it! Admittedly, I might not be quite as blunt as I am with some of the contestants."

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