Ever wish you could walk into a bar and see Tony Hale bartending and Kate Upton knocking back a shot? Well, now you (kinda) can!

E! News has the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from Lady Antebellum's music video for "Bartender," the country trio's first single off their upcoming fifth album due out later this fall, before it premieres on Today Thursday morning, and you might see a few familiar faces.

Along with the band's members, Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott, the video features Veep funnyman Hale and blond bombshell Upton—and they have a drink-off!

Who wins?! Well, we can't tell you that just yet, but it was pretty stiff competition.

Kate Upton, Tony Hale, Bartender Music Video

"For this new stuff, we wanted keep the core of Lady A, while also experimenting with new sounds and ideas," Kelley had previously said of their new music. "Nathan was really instrumental in pushing us to try different harmonies and new songs that were a little out of the box for us. There's a lot of energy that comes with those changes and ‘Bartender' is just of taste of what we've been working on."

Their latest is different than their international smash hit "Need You Now," which leaves you wondering if you should drunk dial your ex, and instead is more of a female anthem centered around washing an ex's memory away with whiskey on a wild girls' night out. We like that!

"I love this song because there's something empowering about not going for the rebound or just moping around over a guy," Scott said. "There are those times in your life when you need to feel sorry for yourself and be sad, but this song is all about hitting the dance floor with your girlfriends and just forgetting him."

Watch the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and don't forget to catch the premiere of "Bartender" on Today tomorrow morning!

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