All good things must come to an end, including True Blood. But what will the vampire drama's final season—season seven debuting Sunday, June 22 on HBO—look like? We tasked your favorite vampires, fairies, shape shifters and normal human Bon Temps residents to give us the best and most succinct answer they could…in three words.

The answers? They were varied, some hitting specifically on their characters while others gave a broad show-wide description. Check out the video above for all the three-word dish!

True Blood, Season 7


"Bombastic, dynamic and…interesting," Nelsan Ellis, Lafayatte on the series, told E! News. That pretty much sums up all of True Blood, right?

Regardless of what the cast says, we know this: There will be blood. And sex. And death. After all, it is True Blood, a show about sexy vampires.

The final season of True Blood kicks off Sunday, June 22 on HBO.

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