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Couple Goes on a Hike and Stumbles Across 4 Abandoned Kittens—Watch the Adorable Video!

And now a video to warm your heart, your soul and anything else in your body that could possibly be warmed.

This video (which was first uploaded last year but is making the rounds on the Internet again because, well, how could it not?), shows the adorable surprise a Houston couple found while going for a walk through the woods in Spring Creek Park.

Surprise Kitten Rescue YouTube

Kittens! Four of them, to be exact. The couple thinks that they were not feral but were abandoned in the woods by some evil monster, and judging by the way the cats immediately run up to the humans and follow them out of the park, we have to agree.

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"We can't just leave them here!" the woman says upon finding the furry babies. And they don't.

The kittens get in a nice nap on the car ride home…

Surprise Kitten Rescue YouTube

…where they got food and water….

Surprise Kitten Rescue YouTube

…plus a bath….

Surprise Kitten Rescue YouTube

...and before you know it, they were as good as new!

Surprise Kitten Rescue YouTube

The guy who uploaded the video to YouTube says that each of the kittens were adopted out to forever homes.

"The kitties have all been claimed and are in excellent homes!" he wrote. "We couldn't be happier!

Neither could we. 'Scuse us while we watch this video four more times.

It's Adopt-a-Cat month! Go to to find a shelter near you and give a kitten a forever home!

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