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Allstate Insurance Debuts New Gay-Friendly Commercial and the Video Is Surprisingly Touching

Allstate Insurance Allstate Insurance

We're entering an era where companies don't need to be afraid to be LGBT inclusive anymore. Instead, it's the companies that oppose gay rights or speak against marriage equality that often are boycotted or find the most public resistance.

As such, corporations have started creating commercials that don't just contain a fleeting shot of a token gay couple but feature actual gay stories. There was the "controversial" Honey Maid ad, which inspired a second video that only furthered their stance that love is love. Now, there's this new Allstate Insurance commercial.

It's called "Safe in My Hands," featuring an original song by Eli Lieb. The animated short follows a boy with one large hand. The imagery is a little heavy handed (no pun intended) but does nail the sentiment of differentness many LGBT identifiers feel...

Allstate Insurance, Safe in My Hands Allstate

And being judged.

Allstate Insurance, Safe in My Hands Allstate

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Until he finds someone like himself: "We believe everyone should be treated with respect and without judgment no matter who they love," Allstate says on their site, a sentiment reiterated by the text in the ad, which plays on their "You're in Good Hands" slogan: "Everyone deserves to be in good hands."

Allstate Insurance, Safe in My Hands Allstate

It's touching, even for a commercial (and it's very much is a commercial—as soon as you click on Allstate's site they try to link you up with an agent). As for the insurance angle of it all, they say: "Being visible should never leave you feeling vulnerable."

Allstate Insurance, Safe in My Hands Allstate

(The LGBT campaign section of the site also contains offers such as, "Are you a fabulous driver? Get up to 20% additional savings on top of any other discount!" Which, OK. We get it. Calm down with the fabulousness of it all.)

Anyway, we love it. It's beautiful. Now watch the whole commercial below:

(H/T Slate)

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