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    Bruce Jenner Gets Highlights and Argues With Kris Jenner During Hair Appointment—Watch the Heated KUWTK Clip!

    Despite separating recently to live apart, Kris Jenner and husband Bruce Jenner are still butting heads when it comes to certain Bruce's hair!

    Bruce has grown accustomed to his long hair, which he often wears in a ponytail, but he agrees to get a trim after Kris pleads with him to cut it off. But Bruce is unpleasantly surprised when Kris pops by during his hair appointment to discover that Bruce only had a light trim.

    "Oh, no, no, no," Bruce exclaims when Kris walks in the door. "You're not allowed here!"

    Kris doesn't hesitate to share her opinion while Bruce gets his highlights done, saying, "He looks like a baked potato!"

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    KUWTK Clip, Bruce's Hair

    Bruce attempts to assure Kris that everything is fine as the stylist blows out his hair, but she remains unconvinced and continues to make suggestions. Unable to stand it any longer, Bruce yells at Kris to stop and angrily jumps out of the chair.

    "Bruce has been doing things everyone else's way for a long time," Khloé Kardashian reveals to the camera. "And I think he's just getting tired of it."

    Will Kris and Bruce be able to make up before things get even more heated? Or is Bruce putting his foot down for good? Watch the above clip to find out!

    Tune-in for a brand new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians this Sunday at 9/8c on E!

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