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It's Adopt-a-Cat Month! Submit Photos of Your Rescued Furry Friends and Let's Vote for the Cutest Cat of 2014!

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June is national Adopt-a-Cat month, and we want to celebrate all the amazing people who have rescued furry little friends. That means YOU.

It's time once again for our annual E!'s Cutest Cat contest, presented by E! Loves, the "official" cat lovers of E! Online. But this time, we're asking for readers to submit pictures of the cats they adopted and gave a second chance. There is nothing we love more than looking at photos of adorable kitties, and you get to show off your feline babies. It's a win-win situation!

All you have to do is submit a photo of your adopted cat on Twitter or on Instagram (make sure to tag @eonline) with the hashtag #ELovesCats. Tell us the name of your precious kitty, plus a little bit about him or her if you want, and you're officially entered in the contest.

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We'll collect the best pictures and then it'll be up to you guys to pick the cutest of the cute. It'll be a tough job, no doubt about that. But someone has to do it.

And because we can't enter the contest as we are employed at E!, can we just show you the adopted cats that we own and love to pieces?

Glenn and Zelda wish you all good luck! Check back soon for the first round of E!'s Cutest Cat contest! 

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