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Nintendo Announces New Zelda Game, and We Can't Stop Nerding Out Over the Trailer

Zelda Nintendo

Hitch up your (iron) boots, pack up your clawshot and smooth out that dashing green tunic…it's time to save Hyrule. Again. Damn, we just saved it and then it went and got into trouble again.

Oh, who are we kidding? Nintendo just announced a new Zelda game for Wii U and we had the biggest nerdgasm on record. Yep, even more so than when the Mario Kart 8 trailer came out.

At Nintendo's digital presentation at this year's E3, Zelda head honcho Eiji Aonuma talked about giving players more freedom to explore Link's world and removing boundaries and restrictions. But more importantly: We got a trailer!

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Keep in mind, this isn't actual game-play footage but just a teaser trailer. And no, there isn't an official title for the game yet. But who cares, because look at all the stuff there is geek out about!

First and foremost...Epona is back!

Zelda Game GIFs YouTube/Nintendo

Hello, you noble, beautiful steed. We missed you. Hey, we loved our Crimson Loftwing dearly, but there is no subsitute for Epona.

Check out that landscape. It goes on for-e-ver:

Zelda Game GIFs YouTube/Nintendo

Eiji even said that players could make it to those mountains in the distance if "they walked far enough."

But obviously Hyrule field is anything but a peaceful place. We know that. Here comes an enemy...

Zelda Game GIFs YouTube/Nintendo

...shooting lasers! It looks like crazy version of the Tektite that usually plague Hyrule field. On steroids.

Looks like Faron Woods:

Zelda Game GIFs YouTube/Nintendo

Ha! Stupid monster running into stuff. He (she? it?) can't bank worth a damn.

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Here's our first look at Link:

Zelda Game GIFs YouTube/Nintendo

No green tunic, but he's donning the familiar "this is what I wear to start out the game until someone tells me about the Hero of Time and gives me the green."

Link, rocking a ponytail, whips off his cape:

Zelda Game GIFs YouTube/Nintendo

Which means s--t is getting real. We just got chills.

There's not much we love more than battling while on Epona's back:

Zelda Game GIFs YouTube/Nintendo

Have some bomb arrows, bro.

Time for some slow-motion action.

Zelda Game GIFs YouTube/Nintendo

Can't you hear Link's battle cry echoing in your head? Hiyahhh!

Bomb arrows not doing the job? 

Zelda Game GIFs YouTube/Nintendo

No problem, we just have this crazy-awesome light arrow! Or laser arrow! Whatever it is, we want it.

And there he is! Our hero!

Zelda Game GIFs YouTube/Nintendo

Or at least this trailer's version of him. Like we said, this isn't actual game play, but it's probably close to what he'll look like once the game comes out. Which is next week, right?

Zelda Game GIFs YouTube/Nintendo

*Uncontrollable sobbing*

We want the game now, Nintendo! NOW.

All right, fellow Zelda nerds. What did you think of the trailer? We have so many feelings and we know you guys do, too.

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