Ladies of London, Caprice Bourret

Rebecca Miller/Bravo

Thinking about moving to England to sip tea and rub elbows with the royals? It's not going to be that simple, just ask Juliet Angus, Noelle Reno and Marissa Hermer, three American stars of Bravo's new reality series Ladies of London, who—despite their money and connections—struggle for acceptance by their UK counterparts.

One California native who has charmed her way into the social scene? Caprice Bourret, the show's It Girl-turned-entrepreneur (thanks to her successful lingerie brand By Caprice) who's been living in England for the past 17 years and now shares two beautiful baby boys with partner Ty Comfort.

Speaking exclusively with E! News, Caprice shared her "Do's and Don'ts" when it comes to fitting in with London's elite!

What to wear
DO dress to impress: "When you have lunch with the girls, you get your Prada suit out," Caprice notes. "Labels are super important. If you got ‘em, flaunt ‘em!"

DON'T show off the girls. "We're not into cleavage as much as the Americans," she advises. "So, no boobs! It's not appropriate."

How to throw a dinner party
DO hire help: When it comes to impressing your friends, "you've got to have a butler, waitresses and a chef," Caprice says. "Most people don't have a fulltime staff, so they'll call an agency who will provide everything."

DON'T over-serve. A seven-course meal "is ridiculous. Appetizers, main and dessert and that's it. Of course, nice wine is important—the English love their alcohol."

Ladies of London

Rebecca Miller/Bravo

How to make an impression
DO exercise restraint. "In England, the most powerful people are the most discreet," Caprice says. "They drive small cars and appear quite normal. If you have money and power, people will find out."

DON'T be flashy. "To the English, it just looks insecure. You don't show off your wealth with a wild car or things like that. It's not cool."

Where to be seen
DO hit the hotspots. "You go to San Tropez. You go to Monaco for the Grand Prix. You got to Cannes, but only for the film festival. My husband and I, we often end up in Ibiza."

DON'T be behind the times: "You don't want to be spotted at the wrong club," she says. A dig at co-star Marissa's husband's nightclub Bougis? Hm…

What to feel about the royals
DO respect the tradition. "The Royal family has been a part of the English culture for hundreds of years," Caprice says. "Thank god for them, they bring all the tourism here."

DON'T run to buy the dress Kate Middleton just wore. "We don't really do that," she explains. "But we love her and the fact that she and William are so in love. They're a great representation of our country."

Ladies of London airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on Bravo

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