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    13 Vacation Spots That Are Basically Disney Movies Come to Life

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    Disney Dwellings
    Disney Dwellings Walt Disney Studios, Homeaway.com

    Aruba? More like snooze-ruba, right? If you're bored with those usual vacation destinations that are nothing like the Disney movies you grew up watching, you are so in luck.

    HomeAway.com, the world's leading vacation rental website, is doing their part to make your childhood fantasy a reality with their Disney princess-inspired rental locations. Like the Isla Mujeres getaway in the photo above that's inspired by Triton's underwater castle in The Little Mermaid. It's not actually under the sea, but it's by the sea. Close enough. It's beautiful, right? And you can swim with dolphins! You'll basically be a mermaid while on vacation.

    So if you ever wanted to live like Cinderella, Belle or Snow White, even for just a couple of days, then check out these destinations that are basically Disney movies come to life, except with a reasonable price tag (starting at $105 a night!). Just click on the links to get more info and if you go on these trips, Instagram the crap out of it so all your friends can be jealous:

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    Snow White, Seven Dwarves' Cottage:

    Disney Dwellings Walt Disney Studios, Homeaway.com

    Where: Glengarriff, Ireland. Quite possibly the same house that Cameron Diaz stayed at in The Holiday.
    Disney Details: "To recreate Snow White's experience (without the endless sweeping and mopping), make your way to this enchanting cottage in the Irish countryside. This charming home comfortably sleeps eight: perfect for you and seven of your shortest friends."

    Sleeping Beauty, Aurora's Castle:

    Disney Dwellings Walt Disney Studios, Homeaway.com

    Where: Dollarbeg Castle, Central Scotland
    Disney Details: "She just might have been imagining a getaway at this magnificent castle in the Scottish highlands. With towers, turrets, and twisting staircases a plenty, this incredible home resembles something you may have seen once upon a dream."

    Beauty and the Beast, Beast's Castle:

    Disney Dwellings Walt Disney Studios, Homeaway.com

    Where: Belleayre Mountain, New York
    Disney Details: "This opulent dwelling in the Catskills invites visitors to get lost in winding passageways similar to those of Beast's sprawling palace in Beauty and the Beast."

    Pocahontas, Powhatan's Home:

    Disney Dwellings Walt Disney Studios, Homeaway.com

    Where: Pembrokeshire, Wales
    Disney Details: "Relive her adventures by exploring the foothills of the Preseli Mountains: a land of peaks, rivers, and plains. During the day, fish for trout while watching for whales off the coast of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park."

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    Snow White, Snow White's Castle:

    Disney Dwellings Walt Disney Studios, Homeaway.com

    Where: Castelsagrat, Southern France
    Disney Details: "This 19th century castle in the French Pyrenees is the perfect place for hard-working princesses to enjoy a game of tennis or a refreshing swim—no evil stepmoms allowed!"

    Mulan, Fa Mulan's Home:

    Disney Dwellings Walt Disney Studios, Homeaway.com

    Where: Puntarenas, Costa Rica
    Disney Details: "If you're looking for a tranquil base to return to after a day of adventuring, book a stay in this gorgeous lookalike villa resembling the homestead of Fa Mulan's family. Peaceful lotus ponds and serene gardens provide the perfect venue to commune with one's ancestors—pesky dragon spirits not included."

    Cinderella, Prince Charming's Castle:

    Disney Dwellings Walt Disney Studios, Homeaway.com

    Where: Indre-et-Loire, France
    Disney Details: "Located at Indre-et-Loire in the Loire Valley of France, this regal residence contains quiet libraries, winding mezzanines, and wide expanses of impeccably maintained lawns. Just be careful not to lose a glass slipper while exploring this 76,000 square foot mansion—it may be difficult to find."

    The Little Mermaid, Prince Eric's Castle:

    Disney Dwellings Walt Disney Studios, Homeaway.com

    Where: Kalkan, Turkey
    Disney Details: "Dotted with olive trees and shady terraces, this luxurious rental is the perfect place to take a long bubble bath or brush your hair with a fork—just watch out for testy French cooks!"

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    Aladdin, Sultan's Palace:

    Disney Dwellings Walt Disney Studios, Homeaway.com

    Where: Marrakech, Morocco
    Disney Details: "Visitors to this look-alike lair will be wowed by the open floor plan and lofty ceilings of this extravagant Moroccan villa. With a heated pool, detoxifying steam room, and plenty of room for visiting dignitaries, this is the perfect place to experience the life of an Arabian princess."

    Frozen, Elsa & Anna's Castle:

    Disney Dwellings Walt Disney Studios, Homeaway.com

    Where: Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Who wants to be cold, anyway?
    Disney Details: "For those who fear frostbite but love Frozen, take a trip to this gorgeous lookalike rental in sunny Florida. This gated keep bears a striking resemblance to the high-walled fortress featured in the film and comfortably sleeps 20—perfect for a small kingdom (or a large family) in town for an extended stay."

    Tangled, Rapunzel's Tower:

    Disney Dwellings Walt Disney Studios, Homeaway.com

    Where: Aragon, Spain
    Disney Details: "If you're looking to recreate Rapunzel's secluded experience, try staying in this 15th century stronghold in the Aragon region of Spain. This beautifully restored defensive tower is a great place to paint a masterpiece or read a book (maybe two or three)."

    The Princess and the Frog, Charlotte's Castle:

    Disney Dwellings Walt Disney Studios, Homeaway.com

    Where: New Orleans, Louisiana. (Yes, this is also the American Horror Story: Coven house. Witches not included.)
    Disney Details: "Relive their adventures in the Big Easy by staying in this historic mansion in the Garden District of New Orleans, whose winding verandas and fluted columns provide a great hiding place for kiddos and enchanted frog princes alike."

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