iOS 8 group text


In case you missed the big news on Monday, Apple unveiled its new mobile operating system, iOS 8, at the Worldwide Developers Conference. The changes coming to your iPhone and iPad are pretty cool, like being able to turn your phone into a remote control for your entire home, longer battery life and an even better photo-storing system. But there was one big, life-changing announcement that everyone was celebrating and is continuing to celebrate well into today.

You will be able to leave group text messages with iOS 8.

We repeat, iPhone users can now just leave any group text message you are unwillingly a part of with the click of a button. Or you can just mute all those annoying notifications and read through the text messages later. 

But you can just leave! Is your entire family arguing over which grill to get dad for Father's Day that's making your phone vibrate and ping nonstop for hours on end? Click a button. Boom. You're out of there. But you should definitely chip in for that grill. Don't be that child.

When news about the updated group text functions hit Twitter, everyone started rejoicing, because haven't we spent our entire lives just waiting for this moment? 

Instead of thanking the people who developed the technology or the folks at Apple, everyone just assumed this was all the doing of the big guy upstairs:

Basically, everyone is super-happy to soon get the ability to ignore family and friends. Except for this one dude who doesn't approve of this update:

Check out all the cool features of iOS 8, and prepare for the end of group texting without consent when its released this fall.

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