Miley Cyrus

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Authorities may not be dealing with a criminal mastermind on this one.

Miley Cyrus' stolen Maserati Quattroporte was recovered today after it turned up parked in plain view on a street in Simi Valley, Calif., police confirmed Monday to E! News.

The luxury sports car was reported missing along with some of Miley's jewelry after an apparent burglary at her Los Angeles-area home on Friday afternoon.

The LAPD tells E! News that no one is in custody and the matter is still under investigation.

Anyone with information about the alleged break-in is being asked to contact the LAPD's North Hollywood station.

Authorities said it appears that a man and a woman scaled a fence at Miley's house and got into her garage, from which they made off with the jewelry and the car, which runs around $102,000.

Miley, meanwhile, is on tour in Europe and so was far from home and probably Instagramming up a storm when her stuff was stolen.

But what a year of highs and lows it's been for the pop superstar, who had to briefly delay the overseas leg of her Bangerz Tour after a severe allergic reaction landed her in the hospital for nearly a week in April.

And while she appears to largely be having a blast abroad, Miley has also been mourning the loss of her dog Floyd, who died two months ago. 

"if it wasn't for the show tonight I would lay in bed and miss Floyd alllllll day," she tweeted just yesterday.

—Reporting by Holly Passalaqua

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