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With Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and every other social media site out there (is Foursquare still a thing?), fans can be closer than ever to their favorite celebs. We can actually get insight into their daily happenings without the burden of that pesky restraining order!

That being said, there are certain things that one should and should not do when it comes to Instagram, or any site where your beloved actor/actress/musician posts photos. In our research journey, we've come across eight possible options that fans do upon seeing a new photo from a celeb they follow:

1. Nothing.

Kimye Wedding, Instagram, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West


You just see their photo, you acknowledge it and then you keep on scrolling. "Kim and Kanye got married? Great. Now let's look for more cute cat pics on Instagram." That's you. That's what you sound like.

2. Hit the "favorite" button. 

Hilary Duff Instagram


A step above "nothing." You know you clicking the "favorite" button doesn't really do anything since most celebs get thousands upon thousands of those little hearts whenever they post anything on Instagram, but damn it, you really do like the photo of their new haircut. And heaven forbid you one day run into Hilary Duff on the street and she asks you if you favorite'd anything on her Instagram. Can you imagine if you had to tell her, "No, I didn't favorite that pic of your dog?" Brutal.

3. Regram!

Oprah Winfrey, One Direction, Instagram


Screengrab it and post it to your own Instagram with a caption along the lines of: "Love these boys!" We've seen One Direction fans do that a lot.

4. Fight with other fans.

Rihanna, Bikini


Because nobody, and you mean nobody, loves Rihanna more than you do. And you show it by always defending her on Instagram against haters, fans who don't love her every second of every day, and basically anyone else you feel like fighting with.

5. Ask questions like you two are best friends catching up via social media.

Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss, MET Instagram


As if that celeb will ever see it among the 10,000 plus comments and answer you. We know you love Taylor Swift (we probably love her more), but she will never see your question about whether or not she remembers the funny thing that happened at her concert from 2009 in your home state. Nor will she answer your question about when she'll be back to said home state so you guys can go the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame together or whatever.

6. Confess undying love.

Beyonce, Instagram


This one isn't that crazy because who doesn't love Beyoncé? People who hate happiness, that's who.

7. Beg.

Colton Haynes, Instagram


These are the comments with a crap ton of emoticons and a heartfelt plea of "please follow me back!" Sorry, we wrote that wrong. It's usually: "PLEASE FOLLOW MEEEEEE BACK!!!!!" Look, Colton Haynes is obviously too busy looking buff on a Jet Ski to follow you back. Sorry.

8. Say the most inappropriate stuff ever.

Harry Styles, Instagram


Just once we'd like to see a photo of Harry Styles without people leaving comments that greatly detail what they want do to him, with him, on him, near him...you get it. One time we saw a very disturbing proposition from a fan that involved toothpaste. Yikes.

So which celeb Instagram reaction is your jam?

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