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    Lena Dunham's Dog Bit Her in the Ass So She Posted a Picture of Her Bloody Underwear on Instagram

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    Lena Dunham, Dog Bite, Instagram
    Lena Dunham, Dog Bite, Instagram Instagram

    Lena Dunham has it ruff rough.

    The star and creator of HBO's Girls sustained a minor injury Wednesday after her rescue dog, Lamby, got a little too aggressive. Dunham, 28, shared a picture of her blood-stained "Hopeless Romantic" underwear, writing, "My dog bit me on the ass and Jemima Kirke captured the image of a life time."

    A second Instagram picture shows the two-time Golden Globe winner's dog sprawled on her bed. "Now he's acting like he never nipped me on the behind," Dunham wrote in the photo caption. She also joked that she planned to call celebrity dog trainer Justin Silver Thursday morning to "sort this."

    Dunham also tweeted about the incident, writing, "Lamby has bitten me twice and both times it was in response to me sobbing. Can I turn this info into some kind of animal behavior thesis?" New York Times journalist David Carr joked it was "time to change Lamby's name" to "Bitey," to which Dunham replied, "I was leaning towards C--ty but yours is better for shouting across the dog park, I think."

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    Lena Dunham, Dog, Instagram Instagram

    The TV star joked about it again Thursday, tweeting, "The bite doesn't hurt that much. Just continuing to make pathetic excuses for my dog: he had a hard childhood, my shorts were too short, etc."

    Dunham rescued Lamby from Brooklyn's BARC Shelter on Jan. 9, 2013. Two months later, she wrote an essay for The New Yorker about her fun. musician Jack Antonoff's opposition to Dunham's adoption.

    "My boyfriend is allergic to dogs," the Directors Guild winner explained.

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    "Lamby's fine if it's just him and me, working or eating or listening to music. But any attempt on my part to be alone—meditating, showering, walking out into the hallway to dump trash down the chute—results in that same siren sound. Sometimes he takes a break to flash his erection at me, red as a sunburn and made even more vulgar by the jaunty bandanna the groomer has tied around his neck."

    The pup has his sweet moments, however. "At night, he conks out around 10," the Tiny Furniture star wrote. "He's at his best when he's sleeping, snoring softly, one ear flopped over his eyes like a sleep mask. But, once the light goes out, he's on edge, using the siren to fend off imagined intruders."

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