Eddie Murphy is a loser. Whether or not he's a sore one is still anyone's call.

The Dreamgirls star, who was beaten out by Little Miss Sunshine's Alan Arkin in the Best Supporting Actor category Sunday night in what industry oddsmakers deemed an upset, is lashing out at reports that he erupted in a tantrum of Effie proportions after his name wasn't called.

On Monday, several reports surfaced of Murphy's purported diva behavior, stating that the Saturday Night Live alum stormed out of the Kodak Theater after Arkin ascended the podium and never returned.

The New York Post claimed that Murphy was so "furious" at his loss, that he cut and ran, and "didn't bother" showing up any post-Oscar parties. TMZ, too, got in on the squealing, saying Murphy was "a real sore loser" who further insulted the Academy by, well, "not smiling."

Such effrontery.

Murphy's rep, Arnold Robinson, attempted to put an end to the character assassination Tuesday, telling E! News that the actor did indeed leave shortly after his category was announced, but that he had planned to do so regardless of the award's outcome.

"Eddie had always planned on leaving after his category was announced to spend the rest of the evening with his family," Robinson said. "He did the same thing following the Golden Globe Awards."

For those who can't remember as far back as late January, Murphy did manage to take home the supporting actor prize at the Globes.

And while Murphy and his date, Tracey Edmonds, may have under-stayed their welcome at Sunday's Oscars, he at least can't be faulted for not showing up at all—unlike another star whose appearance was highly anticipated at the ceremony.

Brad Pitt was a notable absentee from the glamorous evening's proceedings even though Babel, a film he starred in, was up for seven nominations, and The Departed, a film he coproduced—albeit disputably, as far as the Academy was concerned—won  four of the five awards it was up for, including Best Picture and Best Director for Martin Scorsese.

Pitt's absence was chalked up to a busy work schedule: The actor's in his newly adopted hometown of New Orleans, filming The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Curiously, his costar in the film, Cate Blanchett, did manage to make it to the ceremony. And while Blanchett ultimately lost out to Helen Mirren for Best Actress, she did have the foresight to remain in attendance through the end of the evening.