Foxy Brown's glue tantrum is shaping up to be a sticky situation for the feisty rap diva.

She has been ordered to in a New York courtroom for a probation violation hearing for her arrest two weeks ago in Florida following a scrape with a beauty supply store owner, a probation official tells E! Online.

"She's facing a violation...based on her re-arrest and the fact that she went to Florida without the permission of the probation department," says Jack Ryan, spokesman for the New York City Department of Probation. "When you're on probation, you need permission to travel, and she did not have it."

Brown, 27, was taken into custody Feb. 15 for a disturbance that occurred in the washroom of Queen Beauty Supply Shop in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

The Chyna Doll emcee was allegedly testing a spray hair glue when the store's owner, Hayssam Ghoneim, announced it was closing time and asked Brown to leave. Ghoneim told the Miami Herald she threw a fit, spat on him and squirted him with the hair glue, then began wreaking havoc in the store, "throwing everything in sight."

Miami police were called in and Brown allegedly scuffled with an officer. She was booked on battery and obstruction of justice charges and spent the night in jail before posting a $1,500 bond the following day.

The hip-hopster, whose real name is Inga Marchand, is scheduled to attend a probation hearing in Manhattan Thursday before Judge Melissa Jackson and ould face serious consequences if found in violation of her conditional release stemming from another beauty-related meltdown.

Brown was sentenced in October to three years of probation, anger-management classes and random drug tests after pleading guilty to two misdemeanor counts of assault stemming from a 2004 attack at Bloomies Nails in Chelsea.

"It's possible [Jackson] could put her in jail, or she could also put her back on probation and add other conditions to her probation," explains Ryan. "But it's up to the judge."

In a preemptive move, the rapper turned up at a Brooklyn church Monday and lashed out at South Florida's finest, claiming she was the real victim in this case and accusing the beauty store owner of manufacturing an altercation to capitalize on her past notoriety.

"For the last week, I have been vilified in the media as assaulting a store owner," Brown, accompanied by family and friends, told reporters in an impromptu press conference at Brown Memorial Baptist Church. "What the media fails to forget is there are always two sides to a story and perception isn't always reality."

According to the Brooklyn-born entertainer, she and a friend entered the beauty supply shop only so she could use the bathroom. As she was doing so, Ghoneim opened the door and ordered her out without letting her get dressed. The cops, she claimed, used excessive force.

"I was exposed from the waist down on the toilet," added Brown. "The only crime I'm guilty of is being a young black woman. I am the victim of an overzealous police department who engaged in police brutality and a money hungry store owner whose motives are for me to pay his mortgage on his house and his children's tuition."

The performer's attorney, New York State Senator John L. Sampson, told E! Online that he planned to file a complaint against the Pembroke Pines Police Department "at some point."

He says his first task, however, is to clear up what he called "confusion" regarding his celebrity client's probation violation.

"Judge Jackson is a fair judge and she'll listen to all the facts in this incident," Sampson says. "Ms. Marchand did not go AWOL. She notified her probation officer that she was going out of town to do a couple of shows and told her manager to send the appropriate documents."

Simpson blamed the mix-up on an assistant who was too busy preparing for a trip to Europe to file the appropriate paperwork with the probation office.

"Ms. Marchand did not just up and leave without notifying her probation officer," says Sampson. "Up until this incident, she was doing fine. She's been in compliance except for this incident and it will be rectified."

He also accuses Ghoneim of impropriety. "This is an indignity for all women when someone busts in, especially someone of the opposite sex," the attorney says.

As for Ghoneim, he refused to speak about the case Tuesday on the advice of his attorney. Earlier, he told the Herald he requested she leave because the store was closing, and she refused. He also said that security camera footage showed the door was ajar the whole time she was inside and he did not barge in.

Brown's next solo album, Black Roses, will be released later this year.