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What Has Tara the Hero Cat Been Up to Since She Saved a Toddler's Life?

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Tara, The Hero Cat
Tara, The Hero Cat www.taratheherocat.com

Ever since Tara the hero cat flew across that surveillance footage and into our hearts, she has been everywhere. She saved her toddler's life, and now America is showing its respect the best way it knows how: publicity!

And like most cats, Tara already knows she's a gift to this planet, so all this attention is merely a routine happening for her. Since the video of her taking on the dog that attacked her little owner went viral, everyone wants a piece of Tara the hero cat.

Hero cat GIF http://twitpic.com/e3so01

Here's a quick summary of her rise to stardom:

WATCH: Check out the full video of Tara saving her owner's life!

Tara the hero cat now has a website, a Facebook page and a Twitter account so there is no way you'll miss any updates, videos or photos from her.

Cat Fancy magazine, aka the only magazine that matters in the world of felines, wants to put her on the cover, according to TMZ. And not only that; Cat Fanciers' Association plans to give Tara the first-ever Cat Hero Award.

Tara and her family have appeared on CNN, Today and ABC News:

And like most heroes, we were very curious about her backstory, which we finally got. Tara followed the family home from the park one day five years ago, so they adopted her. When Jeremy was born, Tara used to crawl into his crib and curl up next to him, as if she was protecting him from the start.

The parents and their adorable kid are happy to gush about their heroic cat in the interviews, but Tara just wants to sleep. It's nice to see the fame hasn't gone to her head. Yet.

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Finally, both Tara and 4-year-old Jeremy recently threw out the first pitch at a game for the Bakersfield minor league baseball team:

And by "threw out," we mean Tara swatted at the ball lazily.

We don't know about you guys, but we're still not sick of seeing Tara. Not just because she's adorable, but because she's a badass.

We'd see that movie.

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