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20 Million Bees Were Released After the Truck Carrying Them Overturned on a Highway

Bee Truck NBC/YouTube

Those of you who were scarred for life after My Girl, you might want to stay away from this post. But actually everyone in this story is fine and nobody died a tragically young death, so in a way this could be the happy ending you always wanted for My Girl. Minus Macaulay Culkin. And plus a buttload more bees.

Twenty million bees were released...wait, we need to write that again to fully showcase the insanity of this situation.

That's 20. MILLION. FREAKING. BEES were released onto a Delaware highway after the tractor-trailer that had been shipping them to Maine crashed and overturned. 

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Bee Truck NBC/YouTube

Adolfo Guerra, the driver, and two passengers sustained minor injuries in the crash and suffered 50-100 bee stings. They are all in stable condition. Except of course for the psychological damage caused by 20 MILLION FREAKING BEES swarming you.

It took nearly 13 hours, a crew of firefighters and three beekeepers to clean up the mess, and unfortunately 90 percent of the bees were lost forever in the wind.

"They've been traumatized so they're pretty well upset now," Paul Dill, one of the bee handlers, told NBC Philadelphia. The bees were traumatized? We're pretty traumatized just reading about this clusterbuzz. We can't imagine what other people are going through after seeing this, especially since witnesses said the bees looked "thirsty" and "angry."

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A terrible combination if you ask us. The only thing worse than being thangry (thirsty-angry) is being hangry (hungry-angry).

Our favorite part of this story is the fact that the state of Delaware had a "honeybee swarm removal plan" in place just in case 20 MILLION BEES were let loose. State Sgt. Paul Shavack said that this was the first time they got to use their bee protocol.

So this situation was basically a recreation of one of our favorite GIFs of all time:

Bee GIFs

And as part of our ongoing effort to include Arrested Development GIFs into our stories whenever possible, here is GOB. Or Gob. Or G.O.B. However you want to spell his name:

Bee GIFs

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