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You Have to See the Incredible Pancake Art This Father Makes for His Kids

Pancake Art

We don't know about you guys, but when we were kids, the most our parents did for breakfast each morning was toss an apple or banana near us as we ran out the door to catch the bus. On weekends it was slightly better, but nothing compared to what this dad creates for his two kids.

Nathan Shields, an illustrator and math teacher from Port Angeles, Wash., started making designs out of the pancakes he cooked for his children, Gryphon and Alice. It started two years ago, where his first project was making machines out of the pancake batter, just for fun:

Pancake Art

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Since then, he's perfected his technique using squeeze bottles to make everything from Star Wars characters...

Pancake Art

to Star Wars monsters...

Pancake Art

to sports...

Pancake Art

to Nintendo stars...

Pancake Art

...and even human organs!

Pancake Art

That uterus looks delicious.

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Amazing, right? He documents all of his work on his blog Saipancakes, and when we say he's pretty much made everything into pancakes, you'd better believe us.

Hobbit characters? Yes. Human parasites? Yep. Pokémon? Duh. Marine invertebrates? Obviously. Animal droppings? Of course! You have to see them to believe it.

He films short videos of himself making the pancakes, too. Below he shows his fans how to make Belle from Beauty and the Beast:

You can also pay him to "make your pancake dreams come true," aka he'll cook up any image you want in pancake form and send you a photo. And all of the profits go to Union of Concerned Scientists and the Pacific Marine Resources Institute. If you're interested, you can contact him on his blog

Besides the obviously amazing art he creates using only heat and batter, we think our favorite thing about Nathan is his pancake philosophy:

"It's always a surprise whether the design comes out as planned, but the good thing is that the ugly ones taste as good as the pretty ones."

Amen, sir.

(H/T Buzzfeed)

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