If Lindsay Lohan is typical, her stint in rehab will not be a walk in the park. Which is not to say that she couldn't go for a walk in the park...

Wonderland Center, the Los Angeles facility that Lohan reportedly checked into Wednesday, boasts three acres of "sitting and walking areas," according to its Website.

Other features: single- and double-occupancy rooms "with beautiful views," "first-class food service," yoga classes and a pair of swimming pools.

Located in the hills of L.A.'s famed Laurel Canyon, Wonderland shares its name with Wonderland Drive, a local street—and site of the infamous 1981 quadruple murder that saw porn legend John Holmes implicated. The Holmes case was retold in a 2003 film, also named Wonderland.

Wonderland doesn't highlight the Wonderland murders connection, preferring to focus on Laurel Canyon's more celebrated pop-culture links (such as Joni Mitchell's 1970 album, Ladies of the Canyon), its proximity to the Sunset Strip and its line of work: getting patients clean.

Lohan's camp has not disclosed precisely why the 20-year-old actor, a nightclub fixture who admitted last year to attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, sought out rehab. According to its site, Wonderland treats everything from crystal meth, cocaine, alcohol and heroin addictions to eating disorders, sexual compulsions and out-of-control shopping habits.

Lohan's mother, Dina Lohan, told People that her daughter was in "an outpatient program where, of course, [she'll be] in for the first week or two."

A new Wonderland client typically spends at least three days detoxing, the center's Website says.

Lohan apparently was doing so great on Wednesday night that she told OK! magazine she was, in fact, "doing so great."

"I'm fine. Nothing to worry about," Lohan told the magazine by phone, OK! reported Thursday. "I'm actually watching American Idol at the moment and laughing so hard!"

If Lohan was upset about being interrupted for an interview only hours into her rehab stay, she wasn't letting on.

"Thank you so much for checking in," Lohan told the magazine. "I do appreciate it."

To People, the ever-upbeat Dina Lohan reported that "everything's great" with her rehabbing daughter.

"She's just getting a grip on her life," Dina Lohan told People. "When I was 20 I don't know that I would be that strong to do that, so it's all good."

On Wednesday, Lindsay Lohan said she was making "a proactive decision to take care of [her] personal health." And E! Online senior editor Marc Malkin reported that it was indeed Lohan's call to go to rehab.

"She doesn't know how long this is going to take, but she wants to do it now," a Lohan friend told Malkin. "It's all a good thing. She's not a dumb girl."

And according to Malkin, she's not a working girl at the moment, either.

Lohan's latest movie, I Know Who Killed Me, a thriller about a woman with dual personalities, stopped shooting when its star checked into the hospital with appendicitis on Jan. 4—and there's no word on when it will resume shooting, Malkin reported.

Even before Lohan headed off to Wonderland, the doctors who treated the actor for the appendectomy surgery were declining to give her medical clearance to work full, 13-hour days, according to Malkin.

I Know Who Killed Me is one of five in-the-works or in-development Lohan projects, according to the Internet Movie Database. Another two movies, Chapter 27 and Georgia Rule, are in the can, and due to premiere later this year.

Lohan last appeared on the big screen in the Best Picture-aspiring ensemble drama Bobby.

Oscar nominations are out Tuesday. And if there's good news to be had, Lohan should be easy to track down—presumably somewhere in Wonderland.

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