Dean McDermott admitted to cheating on wife Tori Spelling during a weekend in Toronto, apologized and "voluntarily" checked into rehab to seek treatment for sex addiction.

But in a preview of tonight's True Tori, it doesn't seem like the 47-year-old reality star is really taking full responsibility for his affair. As he explains it to his wife, 40, it "really hurt" him that they hadn't been "intimate" the night before he slept with another woman.

"Usually before I go away, we're intimate," he says, "and we hadn't been for a bit leading up to it...I was feeling like, 'You're not going to be intimate with me, then I'll find someone who wants me.'"

Dean says he "was 250 pounds...felt like s--t, looked like s--t...and needed some validation."

But Tori isn't about the let the father of her four children get off easy. "You are making this up to make yourself look better," she snarls, "and it's pissing me off!"

Her husband, once again, tries to divert some of the blame, reiterating to her they weren't "intimate" the night before he left. Tori, not willing to lose her ground, hits back hard with a below-the-belt jab.

Watch the clip above to see Tori call Dean's bluff and talk about him "wanting to raise the bar" in the bedroom.

True Tori airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

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