Here's the sensationalist version of this story (because sharks are scary and the ocean is scary and everything in the ocean is probably trying to kill you anyway): A GREAT WHITE SHARK ATTACKED A BOAT FULL OF TOURISTS AND THE VIDEO IS THE MOST TERRIFYING THING YOU WILL WATCH, EVER.

Here's the reality of it: A hungry 12-foot-long great white did attack a rubber boat full of seal-watching Germans off the coast of South Africa—and even caused part of the boat to deflate. But the thought of experiencing it is probably scarier than this video itself (it's no Jaws), and Rainer Schimpf, the tour guide, says the shark probably "mistook the boat for a dead whale."

Still, could you imagine being on that little boat when a shark starts nibbling on it? Lord, no.

(H/T Laughing Squid)

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