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In Neighbors, married couple Mac and Kelly Radner (Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne) are enjoying the bliss that is a new baby while at the same time tackling the fact that they can't just go to a rave anymore. (Or that anyone in their actual 20s still calls them that.) Early on, they attempt "baby's first rave," but are exhausted before exiting the front door. Are they doomed to be old folks, already?

Everything changes when the dudes of Delta Psi Beta move into the empty house right next door. The frat's leader, Teddy (Zac Efron) is hunky and charming and shirtless every chance he gets.

Zac Efron, Neighbors

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Soon the bonding of old and young makes way for a war between two houses though not the kind that takes place in Westeros. More of the airbag bomb and flooding the basement variety. Directed by Nicholas Stoller, Neighbors is one of the best frat comedies in ages. Seeing it is a given, but should you side with in the war between Family vs. Frat? Read on as the epic showdown begins:

1. Hotties: Sigma Delta has no shortage of sexy coeds. Yet none of them compare to Kelly as played by Rose Byrne. The Aussie actress finally gets to use her native tongue. A lot. An unforgettable role for Byrne who too often is saddled with being the snobby uptight one à la Bridesmaids. Quality over quantity, boys. Winner: family.

2. Abercrombie vs. Fitch: Sure, Rogen makes shirtless models more approachable, but when it comes down to it, abtastic Efron can't lose. Winner: frat.

3. De Niro Impersonators: We should take off points for Delta Psi Beta's Garf (Jerrod Carmichael) quoting the wrong Samuel L. Jackson film, but Pete's (Dave Franco) Focker De Niro (complete with Jinxy Cat stuffed animal!) alongside Teddy's Travis Bickle is hilarious. Winner: Frat.


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4. Scheming: No question this one goes to Team Radner. The Hebrew code on a fake University letter is perfect—except that only "old people" use paper anymore. Still, Family all the way.

5. Hot Housing: Who invented toga parties, beer pong and more? Certainly not Delta Psi Beta, but don't tell Teddy. The Radner's Altoids tin full of weed can't compare to an entire house filled with the stuff. Winner: Frat. 

6. Batman Voices: Rogen's Michael Keaton is decent, but Efron's Christian Bale is spot on. "Look at me!" Frat, for the win.

7. Fireworks: President of Delta Psi Beta Teddy, stocked a mini-arsenal, but mama bear Kelly Radner lights up the sky (and a random cop car) Winner: Family.


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8. Babysitting: This should be an easy win for the family, but not so fast! The Radners party next door with the frat until dawn with just a baby monitor to watch over the little one. Plus, the frat didn't booby trap the baby room—even they have standards. Winner: frat.

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