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The Vampire Diaries: Brace yourselves, vamp lovers—we've got some extremely horrible news to tell you. (Deep breathes, please!) Okay, here goes… Stefan is dead. No, this is not a joke. Our perfect-haired doppelganger has officially passed through Bonnie into the dreaded Other Side, and despite her best efforts, there is no way to get him back into the land of the living. Here's how it happened: Julien, in Tyler's body, ripped out his heart after hearing of Mariah, his wife's death. And it just so happens that Mariah was the key to helping Bonnie find the spell to save everyone from the Other Side. (Well isn't that ironic?)

If you have tears in your eyes, you are certainly not alone because Caroline was watching the entire thing through fits of hysterical sobs. (RIP, Steroline.) Markos' goon gang of travelers enacted their spells which aimed to rid the world of all magic and caused our supernatural cast to relive all the different ways that they have died. The only ray of sunshine to come from this episode was when Elena and Damon shared a sweet, yet passionate kiss when they reunited. It'll be hell to see their reaction next week once they discover Stefan's fate. 


ReignLord Julien? Not a Lord…or Julien! Lola's husband confessed to her that he is Remy, Lord Julien's personal secretary before he died in a tragic fire. Unable to resist, he took his identity and his money. But he didn't tell her out of the goodness of his heart; Lord Julien's uncle showed up at court.

And though Lola was not dow with Remy's lies, she ended up accidentally killing Julien's uncle when he attacked her hubby. Together, they crafted a story (and started a fire!) to cover up Julien and his uncle's deaths, but it included Remy's exit from Lola and the baby's lives. Can't our girl catch a break?!

And in definite danger? Bash, as the young son of the Pagan thief he murdered earlier in the season, has implanted himself in his and Kenna's ives, and Francis, as King Henry's madness has reached new levels: his new plan is to kill Francis and marry Mary!

The Big Bang Theory

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The Big Bang Theory: You guys, it finally happened! After years of will-they-won't-they moments and a plethora of proposals, Penny and Leonard are now officially engaged! (Does anyone know how to announce this news in Klingon?!) After getting fired from her horribly embarrassing monkey movie, Penny came to the realization that she doesn't need fame or money to be happy—all she needs is Leonard.

Naturally, Leonard is hesitant at his girl's decision to tie the knot, but eventually after a few hilarious comparisons to some of our favorite breakfast foods, the couple realized that they were, in fact, getting married. Just as Penny described the moment as kind of anti-climactic, Leonard pulled a diamond ring from his wallet that he has had in there for… wait for it… years! They kissed, we cried, and it was the moment that has made the past seven years of devotion totally and completely worth it!

Grey's Anatomy

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Grey's Anatomy: We hope you can exchange that crib, because it looks like there is no second Calzona baby on the way. Tonight's Callie discovered that after has car accident, she cannot carry another baby and although Arizona offered to put the bun in her oven, the ladies decided not to rock their marriage boat with the extra stress of having a baby at this time.

Meanwhile, Owen tasked Cristina with the responsibility of interviewing possibly replacements for Russell. But in true Grey's Anatomy fashion, he had an ulterior motive.  Owen hoped that Cristina would hate all of the candidates and then he would try to offer Cristina the position instead. However, Cristina caught on to his sneaky ways due to Mer's perceptive intuition and begged him not to offer her the job. They kissed ever-so passionately and he told her, "Don't leave me until you're leaving me. Sob!

Bailey was able to save bubble boy's life by administering her own experimental treatment, and guess what? It worked! The only problem is that she didn't tell any one what she was doing and now the boy's parents are so incredibly pissed that they wanted to sue her for assault and battery. Stephanie took the wrap for Dr. Bailey's mishap and her lie saved the day. Oh and Derek wants to move Mer and their family to D.C. (Noooo!)

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