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Introducing the Oreo Cheesagna, a Delicious Dessert We Dreamed Up and Cake Boss Made Real

Cheesagna Carlos Bakery

Dreams do come true.

After the cronut, and the wonut, and the waffogato, and the twilly, and what was starting to seem like a million other sillily named food hybrids, we suggested a few of our own. One of those hybrid creations was the "Cheesagna." We wrote:

"Sometimes we think the ratio of cheesecake filling to crust is way off, so we propose a dessert that consists of layers of crust, be it graham cracker or cookie crumble, that is sandwiched between the filling. So it's dessert lasagna, basically."

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Then something magical happened: Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, N.J., home of the Cake Boss Buddy Valastro and his famiglia, tweeted us this:

To which we responded, "We can't eat a link." Today, a box arrived at our offices...

Cheesagna John Boone / E! Loves

Could it be? Had the Cheesagna, at one point merely a figment of our fat kid imaginations been made a reality? Were we actually about to come face to face, and fork to mouth, with a dream?

Yes. Yes, we were.

Cheesagna John Boone / E! Loves

(The Cheesagna got a little jostled in the mail. Doesn't matter! We're just happy it got here and no USPS workers discovered what sort of treasure they were transporting and stole it for themselves. Anyway, all that matters is what's on the inside.)

And what was on the inside was:

Cheesagna John Boone / E! Loves

An Oreo crumble crust base
Layer of original cheesecake
Layer of chocolate mousse
Layer of Oreo crumble crust
Layer of original cheesecake
Top layer of chocolate mousse
Oreo cookie crumbles
White chocolate and milk chocolate drizzle

In conclusion, let us just tell you...

Cheesagna John Boone / E! Loves

It was delicious. It was everything we wanted it to be. And now it's gone!

Team work makes the dream work. Thank you so much, Carlo's Bakery!

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