Prepare to be dazzled, dazed and confused all at the same time!

Fox's upcoming reality dating series, I Wanna Marry Harry is already on the fast-track to becoming one of summer's most talked-about shows.

We were a little intrugued before, and now...We just sat down with "Prince Harry" himself, and we are completely obsessed!

In case you don't know: I Wanna Marry Harry is a dating competition with a huge, red-headed twist: 12 American girls travel to a gorgeous English country house and are lead to believe that Prince Harry (yes, THE Prince Harry) is looking to choose one of them as his next bride-to-be. Unfortunately, the quest for the (fake) tiara must by blinding these girls' eyes because this young lad, named Matt Hicks, is not the real deal—but he sure is convincing!

I Wanna Marry Harry

Chris Raphael/FOX

E! News' Melanie Bromley sat down with the imposter prince who conducted his entire interview as if he actually was Prince Harry—and it was all kinds of hilarious. (Seriously, this guy can act!)

Take a look at our exclusive video above to find out how "Harry" really feels about his big brother's disappearing hairline, the truth about his break-up from Cressida Bonas, and whether or not Queen Elizabeth approves of her grandson's new American reality show.

Plus, the faux-prince revealed how if he'd ever consider Game of Thrones-ing little Prince George (yes, we asked about poisoning a baby), and addressed the rumors behind Pippa Middleton's now infamous bum. (Spoiler Alert: "Harry" blushes during his answer!)

I Wanna Marry "Harry" premieres Tuesday, May 27, at 8 p.m. on Fox and we are counting the minutes!

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