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    Seth Rogen Talks Kimye Wedding, Says He Wants to "Smoke a Joint With David Beckham"

    Seth Rogen, FHM FHM

    What's the one thing Seth Rogen knows nothing about?

    "I'm not a sports fan in any capacity," the Canadian-born actor reveals in the latest issue of FHM. "I follow the outcome of no sporting events on the planet. I wouldn't even care if there was a Canadian soccer team, honestly."

    However, the Neighbors star added, "I would like to smoke a joint with David Beckham, though. That would be cool."

    "I pretty much smoke weed every day," Rogen tells the mag. "I work a ton, probably much more than anyone would like to think I do. But I do also smoke weed, which I don't think stops me from working a lot."

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    Seth Rogen, FHM FHM

    David Beckham isn't the only star on Rogen's mind. The 32-year-old recently stopped by Ellen DeGeneres' talk show where the topic quickly turned to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's upcoming wedding. Rogen says West actually thought about having him and James Franco do their "Bound 2" parody at the nuptials for a split second.

    "He brought it up, yeah," he dished. "Me and Franco got a call, he said that he was thinking it may be funny if we, like, if he performed it at the wedding and we came out on a motorcycle."

    He added, "And then we were like, 'That's probably not gonna be very funny then,' because, he's like, 'Then I'm just rapping with you and James Franco on a motorcycle for five minutes.' And thank God I think it was kind of realized that it might not be the best idea."

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