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    Mariah Sues, Tries to Aid Mongolians

    For a show Mariah Carey never played, its melody sure is lingering.

    Weeks after a finger-pointing exchange in which Carey and a concert promoter blamed each other for a nixed Hong Kong gig, the Grammy-winning songbird has sought the last word in a $1 million lawsuit against the promoter.

    Carey's production company is the one doing the suing; ONE Group Investments Private Limited is the one getting sued.

    "This is an open-and-shut case for Mariah's company, and we are confident that the company will prevail," Carey attorney Orin Snyder said in a statement.

    ONE Group is confident, too.

    "We would love for the matter to go to court, and [for] the facts [to] come out," the company's Adrian Hobbs said, per the AFP news agency.

    The lawsuit, filed Thursday, seeks money allegedly owed Carey and reimbursements for money reputedly plunked down by Carey to prepare for her Hong Kong arrival.

    The show that didn't go on was supposed to go on Oct. 28, the last scheduled date in Carey's Adventures in Mimi tour of North America and Asia. 

    But two days before, on Oct. 26, Carey announced she was canceling the final show "due to unfulfilled contractual obligations by concert organizers."

    For its part, ONE Group insisted it was doing the canceling due to weak ticket sales and "unreasonable demands" by the performer known for requesting "bendy straws" in her backstage riders.

    Now off the road and presumably responsible for her own bendy straws, Carey does have other matters to tend to besides lawsuits.

    Like keeping Mongolians toasty.

    According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Carey recently donated two fur coats to the group for use, in part, to help needy residents of the Asian country stay warm.

    As first reported by New York Post's Page Six, Carey herself received the coats through a sort of donation—she was gifted them by a Russian admirer. Rather than keep them, the singer, no fan of fur, turned them over to PETA.

    One coat, the organization said Friday, will be painted with anti-fur slogans by a Los Angeles artist. The other was bound for Mongolia by way of Switzerland.

    But now, PETA said, that coat has been declared lost by United Parcel.

    Adding cold insult to frigid injury: The "high" temperature early Saturday in Mongolia was 38 degrees.

    Maybe Carey has some spare mufflers in her closet?