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    We've Come Up With Our Own Food Mashups to Compete With the Likes of the Cronut and the Waffogato

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    Waffogato dominiqueansel.com

    Dominique Ansel, the inventor of the Cronut and the cookie and milk shot glass, has come up with yet another dessert mashup, and this one is also ridiculously named. It's called a Waffogato, and it's waffle made out of ice cream and topped with maple syrup espresso. An ice cream waffle. Is this what heaven is like or is this a sign of the end of days? Either way, we want it.

    Mashing up foods to make a cleverly-named new product is all the rage nowadays, and we want in. So chefs of the world, please accept our most humble suggestions for combination treats. All we ask is that you cook it to make it delicious and we get all the credit and money.

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    Baconito: A burrito that is filled with bacon. The shell is also made of bacon. So really it's just a round tube of bacon.

    Burgundae: A cheeseburger ice cream sundae. Do you eat the cheeseburger part first followed by the ice cream or vice versa? That is the challenge and spirit of the burgundae.

    Crake: So take about 15 crepes and stack them all on top of each other with a delicious layer of…something in between them. Maybe Nutella? Maybe fresh fruit and chocolate? Do what's in your heart, just stack that s--t sky-high so we can eat a wedge of crepes.

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    Peepreos: Take a regular Oreo, remove the cream filling and replace it with a melted Peep bunny. It has to be a bunny and not a chick or else this won't work. Trust us on this one.

    Churnnoli: A churro that is stuffed with cannoli filling. A clash of cultures that will put you in a sugar coma.

    Wankcake: We don't care that much about how to mashup a waffle and a pancake; we're doing this one for the name. Wankcake!

    Pushi: Instead of the usual pizza crust, you roll out your rice just like you would when preparing a sushi roll. But instead of just a small square, make a giant round rice patty. And then top it with a layer of cream cheese, veggies and your favorite raw seafood. Pick your own toppings. Drizzle with soy sauce. Boom.

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    English Bagel: All the deliciousness of a perfect bagel, but with added nooks and crannies.

    Stake: Just pile up about nine steaks on a plate until it sort of resembles of cake-like shape. Serve to our mouths.

    Cheesagna: Sometimes we think the ratio of cheesecake filling to crust is way off, so we propose a dessert that consists of layers of crust, be it graham cracker or cookie crumble, sandwiched between the filling. So it's dessert lasagna, basically.
    UPDATE: It seems like we've been officially challenged by Carlo's Bakery from Cake Boss on this one. We'll keep you posted! 

    The Apocalypse: Take two grilled cheese sandwiches and put a cheeseburger between them. Deep fry it. Eat it. Most likely die.

    So if you happen to see any of these recipes pop up on Pinterest in the next couple of days, just remember that we came up with it first and maybe notify us because we will sue anyone who attempts the pushi without our written consent!

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