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Peyton List's Diary From the Radio Disney Music Awards—Check it Out!

Peyton List Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Ever wonder what a day in the life of a Disney star is like? We asked Peyton List (who plays Emma Ross in the Disney Channel show Jessie), to guest blog for us during the Radio Disney Music Awards. Keep reading to see Peyton's award show diary!

7:00 AM: Rise and shine! It's Saturday morning, and it's going to be an RDMAmazing day! Windsor, wake up, sleepy pup!

8:00 AM: Whitney arrives to do my hair and makeup. I get out of the shower and put on one of my favorite robes that's super comfy and colorful. Whitney, my parents and my two dogs greet me in the family room with boxes of candy! My brothers are still tucked away in their beds, avoiding the girl scene (if only they knew how much candy I had).

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Peyton List

8:15 AM: While getting ready, I snap a photo of some blue hydrangeas (that have slightly wilted, but are still pretty). Next to these beautiful and bright flowers is a chalkboard handbag that my stylist El Shane had, and with some chalk I wrote my name on it for fun!

8:30 AM: As Whitney does my hair and makeup she takes me through a step-by-step tutorial on what she's doing. I love to learn new beauty tips and tricks, and Whitney really enjoys teaching me.

Peyton List

9:30 AM: Mom and Dad arrive with a box of assorted pastries and put everything out on the table, just in time for the rest of the team to arrive and for my brothers to wake up (the candy has officially been hidden).

10:00 AM: Whitney finishes my hair and makeup and we all pack our things to head to the Nokia Theatre! "R.D.M.A.s!" We all start singing as we skip down the steps and into the car. In the car we listened to 102.7 and sang to Ellie Goulding.

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Peyton List

10:30 AM: I get out of the car, and suddenly a group of security men surround me to take me to my trailer. I stand in front of the men, fold my arms and join the security crew as if I were one of them! I playfully asked the 8 men if anyone wanted to trade places, go into hair and makeup, wear heels and walk the carpet while I put a headset on and bossed people around. I had zero takers.

10:45 AM: I arrive to my trailer and see that I have two trailer neighbors. Laura Marano and Olivia Holt! How fun!

Peyton List

11:00 AM: My stylist El Shane arrives and helps me put my clothes on, while Whitney fixes my makeup. As this is all happening, I study my script. I was so excited to talk fashion on the red carpet! I sat in my chair in the trailer and continued to read to prep myself.

11:30 AM: Can't go without snapping some selfies, of course!

11:40 AM: I leave the trailer to begin part one of the day. I squeeze in a quick photo with my glam squad!

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Peyton List

1:30 PM: I run back to my trailer for a quick outfit change. I get on the carpet to interview some of my friends. While on the carpet, I am joined by my twin brother Spencer who surprised me!

2:30 PM: I return to the carpet to catch more fashion. I chat with Zendaya about her getting ready routine and Lucy Hale and I have a serious shoe chat.

Peyton List

4:00 PM: Spencer and I find our seats and snap a selfie before the show starts!

For more from Peyton, follow her @PeytonList and watch the video below of Peyton on the red carpet at the Radio Disney Music Awards!

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