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On This Week's The Fabulist: Orly Shani and Brad Goreski Talk Twerk Outs, Cat Lady Fashions and More of the Latest Trends!

The Fabulist, Episode 107 Jennifer Cooper, E!

On this week's The Fabulist, host Orly Shani was accompanied by guest co-host Brad Goreski, who filled in for Kristin Cavallari. Also special to this episode were guest panelists and fellow supermodels Tyson Beckford and Jessica White!

Wide-legged pants (aka palazzo pants) are heating up the Chloé and Armani runways this spring, adding shape and glamour to just about any look. Fab Tip: Pair them with high heels or platforms for a slimming look.

Ladies, the makeunder is the new makeover with the bare beauty trend, which has been seen on celebs such as Beyoncé, Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz. This look is all about wiping off the makeup and going super natural for understated confidence.

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Want to get lucky? Set your sights on the newest backdrop for romance: the kitchen! Aphrodisiac foods are the latest culinary creation and are spicing things up both in and out of the kitchen. Tyson even served up a dish of renowned Chef Fed's special dessert and fed it to the other panelists! For more fun dishes and cooking tips, visit Chef Fed's official site.

Pull those claws out and unleash your inner feline with the new cat lady look trend that celebs such as Alexa Chung and Ariana Grande have been spotted in. This is the perfect way to pay tribute to your favorite house pet in a fashionable way.

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Midi rings are the chicest way to decorate your fingers and they also happen to be this week's Fabulist Find of the Week!

Each week the panel will present one trend that you can buy for over half off of the original cost! This week we have midi rings available now. Check them out at!

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The Fabulist, Episode 107 Jennifer Cooper, E!

Later, Zumba, because the latest workout is the twerk out! Twerking is making its way from the club to the gym and is a personal favorite of former Spice Girl Melanie Brown. Tyson and Brad even gave a twerking demonstration in the studio for Orly and Jessica!

Better reorganize your closet because white is officially the new black. Rihanna and Ellie Goulding have been seen flaunting this crispy and fresh look. Fab Tip: White can be worn year-round, not only in the summer.

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And the number one trend for this week was the bare beauty look—it's all about letting your natural beauty shine!

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