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It's not the most reassuring thing in the world to know that even super gorgeous blond bombshells like Kate Upton have been cheated on.

But it's happened, and as the 21-year-old model-actress told E! News at The Other Woman premiere in L.A., "I find the best revenge is to walk away, so that's what I've done."

"It's a little bit harder," she admitted, "but it's better."

Co-star Leslie Mann, 42, took a different approach when a guy she dated in her early-twenties (not Judd Apatow, don't worry!) was unfaithful.  "I tricked him into telling him that he was cheating on me," she said, "and he told me, and I felt really bad about it, and he felt really guilty, so he bought me a bunch of presents."

But Leslie "still felt bad," she said, so this guy "bought me more presents, and then I took his presents, and two weeks later, I broke up with him."

Attagirl. But, one of Leslie and Kate's co-stars in The Other Woman claims to have never been cheated on—and no, it's not Cameron Diaz! This other co-star, however, was asked what it would feel like to have someone be unfaithful to her. She answered with a shrug, saying confidently, "I wouldn't know."

Hmmm. Watch the clip above to find out who we're talking about!

—Reporting by Marc Malkin