Lindsay Lohan, Alan Carr, Chatty Man


Honesty is the best policy, right Lindsay Lohan?

The actress appeared on the Alan Carr: Chatty Man show today and was completely open about how she's been doing since leaving treatment. When LiLo was asked by host Alan Carr when the last time was that she'd indulged in an alcoholic beverage, Lohan kept it vague—at first.

"I don't know—a long amount of time," she said. "I mean there was a point on the show when I was in a relationship with someone, and I, like, had a drink and I freaked out and didn't want to say anything on the show as I didn't know how that would come across and I was just scared."

"And that's when it kind of hit home that I was doing a docu-series, and I was like you know what, I'm honest and I'm open and I've never really hid anything. Unfortunately there are some things I would've like to have kept hidden have been out there," she continued.

Lindsay is, of course, referring to her docu-series on OWN, which concluded on Sunday with the bombshell revelation that she recently suffered a miscarriage, and while it was a very emotional and personal thing to do, Lohan believes it was right.

"It felt good to put something out there that people could possibly relate to," she told Carr. "And that's why I was happy to have this docu-series as it could help people."

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