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Is That You, Katy Perry?! See All of the Singer's Disguises in Her New "Birthday" Music Video!

Katy Perry is unrecognizable in her new "Birthday" music video, thanks to the help of some very skilled hair and makeup specialists.

The 29-year-old pop star wears a variety of different disguises in the clip as she crashes a number of birthday parties while dressed as the five "world's worst birthday entertainers," including Goldie the Dancer, Yosef Shulem the MC, Kriss the Clown, Ace the Animal Trainer and Princess Mandee.

The video begins by introducing each of the entertainers before transitioning into Perry's hit tune.

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Katy Perry, Birthday YouTube

"My name is Goldie because of my golden nuggets. I moved to Las Vegas because I love dance. I was great friends wtih all of those boys in the Brat Pack. Have you ever heard the song "The Lady Is a Tramp"? That might be about me," Perry says while dressed as an old woman in a gold flapper dress.

Katy Perry, Birthday YouTube

"I am a birthday party entertainer. I do bar mitzvahs, I do weddings, I don't do funerals, but for a price I may do your funeral," the singer exclaims while dressed as Yosef the MC.

Katy Perry, Birthday YouTube

"I'm not really an entertainer! I'm just trying to get some cash on the side. Happy birthday, kids, don't start drinking," John Mayer's ex says as she sports a clown costume.

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Katy Perry, Birthday YouTube

"I ran a petting zoo facility, but I think that I've officially lost my license. Out there in that party it was just like defecation right, defecation left," Ace the Animal trainer (who is of course Katy Perry) reveals, foreshadowing the debauchery which is about to ensue.

Katy Perry, Birthday YouTube

And last, but not least, Princess Mandee briefly details her face-painting endeavors (while tweeting away on her cell phone) before shouting, "Happy Birthday, bitches!"

Katy Perry, Birthday Youtube

Perry then begins singing as all five characters crash a different party, creating endless antics while the guests can't hide their shocked expressions.

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Katy Perry, Birthday Youtube

Goldie practically twerks on the dance floor as she sexes up the party while Yoself indeed proves himself to be the world's worst MC.

Katy Perry, Birthday Youtube

Then there's Kriss the Clown who can't make a single balloon animal thanks to his boozy behavior.

Katy Perry, Birthday Youtube

As well as Ace the Animal trainer who proceeds to let a bunch of mice run wild (after he tries to eat one).

Katy Perry GIFs Capitol Records

Last but certainly not least is Princess Mandee, who is possibly the worst face painter on the planet, but that doesn't matter, because she takes off her disguise to reveal that she is in fact Katy Perry much to the delight of a group of screaming little girls.

Katy Perry GIFs Capitol Records

But don't forget to watch the eight-minute video until the end because the credits are equally as entertaining, thanks to Yosef, who makes a cameo while dressed in Perry's bra and panties. 

Oh, and don't worry, the performer's famous cleavage is on full display.

What do you think of the "Birthday" music video? Tell us in the comments!

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