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14 Reasons Why We (and the Rest of the Internet) Are Obsessed With Foxes Right Now

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We over here at E! Online love to write about adorable animals. Videos, photos, heartwarming stories…we'll cover it all. In fact, if we could turn E! Loves into an all-animal section, we'd do it in a heartbeat. Why? Because of kittens! And puppies! And baby elephants! And hero dogs! And sloths!

What we're trying to say is: We are somewhat plugged into what the Internet loves when it comes to animals. Corgis had their moment, as did huskies, hedgehogs and squirrels. Now we think it's time for the next animal to have their time to shine: foxes.

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And how can you not love them? We're currently obsessed with them, and here are 14 reasons why:

1. They are cute.

2. Seriously, look how cute they are!

Fox istockphoto

3. You can't not fall in love with those eyes.

Fox Richard McManus/Getty Images

4. More cuteness!

5. They're cute and they're playful! Just look at these baby foxes running around!

6. This one makes the cutest noises when she sees her human!

7. This guy is making cute noises and wagging his tail.

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8. And look how fluffy they are!

Fox Getty Images

9. Have you ever seen anything so fluffy in your entire life?!

Fox Getty Images

10. And they are even cuter when they become friends with other animals. Like this cat and this fox. They're best buddies!

11. Can you believe this?! A real-life version of Disney's The Fox and the Hound. It doesn't get better than that. (Not technically a hound, but it's a dog and they are both still adorable!)

12. They can also become best friends with humans.

13. This human was kind enough to help a baby fox when it got its head stuck in a tin can, and oh em gee we cannot get over that sweet little face!

14. Oh, and did we mention how cute they are?!

Fox istockphoto

Yes, we know most of our reasons why foxes are taking over the Internet have to do with cuteness, but who cares?! Because LOOK HOW CUTE:

Fox istockphoto

But just a heads up, experts all agree that foxes would not make a good pet, so don't try and catch one in an attempt to domesticate it. Just don't. We're all thinking it, so stop it. There are definitely exceptions to the rule (see videos above), but you can't rescue a stray fox like you can rescue a stray kitten or puppy.

But that's OK, because you can still enjoy all the fox photos and videos that are out there on the World Wide Web!

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