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Go Inside America's Next Top Model's Lisa D'Amato's Adorable Nursery—See the Pics!

Trendsetters, Lisa D'Amato, Vanessa De Vargas Jacqueline Lee/E! Entertainment

America's Next Top Model alum Lisa D'Amato teamed up with interior designer and founder Vanessa De Vargas to create the ultimate baby room.

The ANTM All-Stars winner welcomed baby boy Daxel Vaughn with her husband, Adam Friedman, last September and they have finished sprucing up their little man's adorable play space. Vanessa met the model mom almost four years ago through their significant others and together created some adorable designs. 

We caught up with Vanessa to get the scoop on Lisa's darling redesign.

How did you come up with the overall room design? You were talking and said it took you over two months?
It was pretty quick. Lisa came to me and said she really wanted a circus theme, so we've been kind of calling the room cirque du LA, which I thought was cute. In this case, we decided to do a little bit of that vintage and modern style, and so we pulled images from vintage circus. I just wanted a little collage, great storage for his little sunglasses, more books, hats, etc. It's nice to have these things out so that Lisa can pull from them.

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Trendsetters, Lisa D'Amato, Vanessa De Vargas Jacqueline Lee/E! Entertainment

How did you come up with this design?
I wanted a section where Lisa could pull different books or when the baby comes in he can pick which book he wants as she holds him coming into the room. It's also sort of becomes like this little library. A lot of the books are vintage, and some of them also came from Lisa's baby shower as well, and others came from The Land of Nod. 

And the bookcase has vintage pieces as well as from Land of Nod, the D is vintage, the little clock is vintage, the piece of artwork found online, the Walt Disney book is actually Adam's book from when he was little, and I also found these incredible original series of nursery rhymes, like the Jungle Book

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Trendsetters, Lisa D'Amato, Vanessa De Vargas Jacqueline Lee/E! Entertainment

What made you think of making the nursery black and white?
I've been wanting to do a black room for a while, and it's not something normal, obviously. But I think because the room has a lot of white, it bounces off all the black, and black is a versatile color. When I chose the black Valspar I decided to think of what colors were in a circus. Well, there's a lot of grey and there's a lot of red. So pulling from that was my inspiration. 

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