Kailyn Lowry has gone thorugh tremendous struggles.

In addition to having a poor relationship with her parents and being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, the Teen Mom 2 star revealed that she lived in a homeless shelter at one point, which she says was one of the most difficult points of her life.

"It was probably the moment I realized that I had no place to go when I moved out of Isaac's dad's house," Lowry tells E! News. "I did have to stay at the homeless shelter because I really just didn't have—I didn't want my son to be taken away from me if I didn't have a place to stay, so my cousin found the program for me to get in after I stayed at the homeless shelter and they helped me find my first apartment."

So how does the 22-year-old continue to stay so strong? "I just don't feel like I have a choice. At this point, I have two kids and I feel like I just have to keep moving, keep going."

Watch the clip to hear more from Kailyn about online bullying and her new book Pride Over Pity.

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