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    Sarah Hyland Dresses Up Like a Life-Size Doll for Flaunt—Sexy or Scary?

    Sarah Hyland, Flaunt Zoey Grossman/Flaunt Magazine

    Sarah Hyland is all dolled up!

    The Modern Family star does her best impression of a life-size toy in the latest issue of Flaunt magazine, which features a photo of the wide-eyed beauty sitting amid a pile of dolls, ranging from your kid-friendly basic rag doll to the creepy, always-staring type that can make for one scary shelf wherever such things are displayed.

    Hyland herself is wearing white overalls and a blue and white shirt that makes for an Alison in Wonderland-reminiscent ensemble. In another picture she lies on her back, exposing white thigh-high stockings and bright pink heels.

    Sarah Hyland, Flaunt Zoey Grossman/Flaunt Magazine

    But the 23-year-old showbiz veteran, who played Jackie Kennedy (née Bouvier) on Broadway in Grey Gardens, enjoys being theatrical. Why else would she take so many selfies?!

    "I use Instagram and Twitter a lot. I'm a very, very opinionated person so it gets me in trouble a lot of the time," Hyland admits to Flaunt. "That being said, I'm addicted to both of them and I hate it."

    She hates it because she knows that she's invading her own privacy, as so many folks—famous and otherwise—are doing these days.

    "All I've ever wanted to be was successful. Not famous," she tells the mag. "I'm in a really amazing place in my life where I find it hard to believe it could ever get better. However, I have noticed that social media in today's world makes it hard for an actress because we're easily accessible. There's not as much privacy as there was even five years ago."

    And Hyland's 846,000 Twitter followers are surely grateful for that.

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