What do Amy Poehler and Pitbull have in common? Not too much, other than the fact that the Parks and Recreation star wore a mask of the singer's face around New York City—thanks to comedian Billy Eichner!

Lost? That's OK, so was everyone Amy encountered during her Billy in the Street rampage through Gotham City.

In the funny, fast-paced clip, Amy and Billy, who plays a recurring character from Pawnee on Parks and Rec, come running up to complete strangers at full speed. "MISS, it's PITBULL," Billy exclaims as Amy (as Pitbull, mind you) shrieks excitedly before...SURPRISE!!!!...lifting the mask to reveal her true identity!

And while some targets are ecstatic to recognize a familiar face when Amy lifts the mask, others aren't quite sure who she is...or what's happening. "Do you watch Parks and Rec?" Billy asks one confused woman, who admits she only does, "Sometimes."

"SOMETIMES?" Amy quips back in mock disdain, before Billy grabs her and begins to run away, calling back, "Did you see my episodes at least?!"

Let's hope. The pair even encounter one man in a suit who seems to be completely unfamiliar with the show and completely chill about a masked stranger and man with a mic coming up to him in the street.

Ah, Billy, never change. For of his in-your-face antics, watch Billy on the Street, Wednesdays at 11 p.m. on Fuse TV.

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