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Well, thank goodness he wore the T-shirt, otherwise we wouldn't have know that was Spider-Man!

Just kidding. Andrew Garfield basically looks the same. Well, minus his impressive head of hair. Yes, it seems the British actor decided he need a little change as he nears the end of his month-long world promotional trip for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. And since he didn't have a beard to shave or a goatee to get rid of, he gave his crop the buzz cut.

 Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Dane Dehann, Jamie Foxx, Marc Webb

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The actor debuted the new 'do yesterday alongside his girlfriend and co-star Emma Stone and the rest of the cast (including Jamie Foxx, also sporting a close crop and a identical Spider-Man tee—twinsies!). The group were volunteering for a habitat restoration project at Shoreline Park in Mountain View, Calif., on Monday.

Although Emma had some choice words for her beau about his slightly sexist joke during a press conference, she has yet to comment on his haircut. Of course, the Crazy, Stupid, Love star is used to big hair changes. She's gone back and forth between being a redhead and a blonde quite a lot in the last few years.

What do you think of Andrew's new 'do?

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