Oh, Skylar Astin, you cutie, you.

The Pitch Perfect hunk gave E! News an exclusive performance of co-star Anna Kendrick's famous hit "Cups," which first took the world by storm after being featured in their 2012 comedy. While his smile is enough to make you watch this clip over and over again, his skills with the cup are lacking—but he even knows that!

"Hi, this is Skylar Astin, I'm doing this exclusively for E! Online," the 26-year-old actor began to say. "But I'm gonna show you how I don't know how to do the 'Cups' song, only the first half, using this New York Knicks cup. It's my brother's. Here we go."

Astin started strong and then...well, just watch for yourself and then watch the real version below.

—Reporting by Jennifer Cooper

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