Uh, happy Easter? Even though Peeps landed the No. 2 spot on our Best Easter Candy ranking, we only ever want to eat like one, MAYBE two, each year. After watching this food challenge, we never want to eat a Peep again.

Someone named Furious Pete (which sounds like what a competitive eater would be named) ate 60 Peeps in two minutes. So Matt Stonie wanted to top that: 100 Peeps, and he ended up doing it in just over two minutes (2:10.04, to be exact). Imagine that sugar rush. And crash.

There is literally no chewing here. And just thinking about the...consistency of that Peep mass making its way through his body makes us want to vomit. Warning: When he hits Peep no. 65, he regurgitates a bit and you'll want to die. But if you make it through that, you'll survive this challenge. 

(H/T Jezebel)

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