Given their epic bromance, it was only right that Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen play the Newlywed game.

Since they've known each other for years (and enjoy the occasional bonding, sightseeing trip), it would seem like they would have this one in the bag, but the X-Men: Days of Future Past stars struggled—in a hilarious way—to answer questions about each other, including their most overused phrases and favorite foods.

Nevertheless, the thesps had a blast during the game conducted by BuzzFeed Brews, filling the audience in on things like the definition of Yorkshire pudding.

Prior to their match up, McKellen gushed over his BFF, according to the Independent, saying, "[Stewart's] a pussy cat. Very, very close to the surface he's a pussy cat but the exterior is so magisterial. He's irresistible."

Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan Twitter


The castmates not only play rivals in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past film, but they also starred on Broadway in Two Plays in Rep. To commemorate the last days of their play, the best buds gave fans a glimpse into their adorable New York City sightseeing tour, posting one photo for each day left before their Broadway play came to an end.

"As it's @TwoPlaysInRep last 2 weeks we thought we'd share all the #gogodididonyc "outtakes"...1 for each show left," the Star Trek star captioned a pic of them posting outside of Katz's Delicatessen on the Lower East Side. 

The cheesy (but cute) shots included them playing skeeball at Coney Island, hugging it out in front of the Village Voice offices and more.

Back in September, the British performers started documenting their NYC adventures wearing matching bowler hats in photos from around the city.

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